The Sky

Wow, it's been a long time since I have posted....

  We have so many exciting adventures coming for the month of June. Baby Showers (Adrianna & Shay) Birthdays Rianna and Leo Calen. Our children are getting older and our family is truly expanding. I am excited for all of our children as they are experiencing different things on their journey. My husband has a lot on his plate, which can be overwhelming but yet amazing. He has his motivation clothing line and bringing his book Finding My Claire to life, by making it into a movie and he just has an unique ear and love for music. Working and also purposing his dreams , he has work to do but with determination & discipline I know my husband can by pass the sky, you know the phrase the "sky is the limit", well people put limitations on themselves. I believe not only can Ricco but all of us can move mountains and exceed in everything we put our all into! 

Blessed is what you are

Thanks for reading 

Carmelita J. 

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